How do I print a PDF using PDFNet SDK?

Q: Since PDFDoc does not have a print method I’m using the Print
method contained in PDFViewCtrl to print a PDF document. It works fine
but it displays a modeless dialog saying “Printing” while processing.
Is there any way to turn off the display of this dialog?

A: Printing through PDFViewCtrl in not a recommended way to
programmatically print PDF documents. Instead use PDFDraw class as
shown in PDFPrint sample:

PDFDraw comes with two rasterizers (built-in/bitmap and gdi+) which
can be use to trade-off between print speed and accuracy.

On the relevant note PDFTron is about to release high-quality PDF2XPS
converter ( which would be the fastest
and most efficient way to print PDF from .NET and any Windows
application supporting the new print path in Windows 7/Vista.