How do I print a specific region of a PDF page?


One of my requirements is to provide the ability to print a region of a PDF file.

Does PDFNet support printing a region of a PDF file, by using the rectangle tool to select the region? Is there a sample, preferably in VB.NET?


Yes, this is possible.

As a starting point please take a look at PDFPrint sample ( that comes as part of the SDK.

The sample shows two ways to print a PDF … using PDFDraw and using pdftron.PDF.Print.StartPrintJob().

To print a subset of a PDF page you can adjust the crop box on a page using page.SetCropBox(rect) just before printing.

In case you also need to build interactive app to let user define the crop areas interactively please take a look at PDFView sample project (both C# and VB.NET versions are available). Specifically, take a look at ‘MyPDFView.cs’ which shows how to extend the control and how to implement some custom tools (e.g. link tool). This code could be easily repurposed for your needs.