How do I read lines and paths using PDFNet SDK?

Q: Using PDFTron, is there a way to read out the visible borders/lines
in a PDF and export out the start and end coordinates with the line
thickness. I am trying to export out PDFs into a spreadsheet.
A: With PDFNet SDK ( you can traverse all
graphical elements on the page (including paths, text, images, and
form xobjects) and extract all relevant information (such as path data
points, graphical attributes, etc).

As a starting point you may want to take a look at ElementReaderAdv
sample project:

To obtain line thickness use element.GetGState().GetLineWidth(). To
obtain the actual line with in PDF user system you would need to
multiply this value with the scaling component of the current
transformation matrix (element.GetCTM()). For more info, please see