How do I refence PDFNet.DLL from a different folder [C/C++]?

Q: We are developing a small Windows application [C/C++] that is in
need for a PDF viewer SDK. We are testing your execellent SDK for 40
days now and have a simple question.

We have noticed the supplied DLL will work only when in the same
directory as the .EXE, we were not able to register the DLL.
Is there a solution for this, because it's a major drawback for our
need. We'd like to place the DLL in a fixed directory (c:\program files
\testin\ ) is it possible with your product.
A: You should be able to place and reference PDFNet.DLL from any
place (i.e. the DLL does not have to be in the same folder as your

If you are a C/C++ developer you could load a specific DLL using
LoadLibrary() WIN32 function (

There are also other options, you could copy PDFNet in a system folder
(probably not the best option). Solutions advocated by MS is to use
"DLL redirection" or "side-by-side components". For more info please