How do I remove hairlines in PDF display and exported JPGs

Q: When displaying certain PDF’s we see very thin hairlines. (Please
see image below, on the right side in the blue area).
These are caused by flattened layers. This also occurs in PDF/X files.
However Acrobat doesn’t display these ‘hairlines’. It appears they
have a solution to cover these up (I believe to have read, from
version 6.0 and up).

When we export these pages to JPG they still remain.

Is there a solution to remove them? Thanks for your help!!
A: You can solve the problem by downloading the latest PDFNet version
(v.5.1 or higer

One of the improvements in PDFNet v.5.1 (
whatsnew.html) was related to automatic removal of thin white lines
between graphical elements and other anti-aliasing artifacts.

Please note that there is no practical 'perfect' solution to anti-
aliasing artifacts in PDF, however the current version goes long way
towards eleiminating all kinds of anti-aliasing defects.

Please let us know how this version works for you.