How do I remove page border and page background in PDFView?

Q: We are considering the PDFNet SDK as a possible solution for
displaying PDF files in our application. This application is a player
which can play back different file formats including PDF.

1. There is a grey frame around the file which is being played after
we defined the following playback settings of the PDF file.



We need a possibility to place two or more files side by side without
any stripes between them.

Does the PDFNet SDK provide the solution for this problem?

2. It is possible to compile your component with .NET Framework 2.0?
Our application has about 35 projects that make use of .NET 2.0.
A: Regarding your first question, you may want to uncomment the
following lines in

// this.BackColor = Color.White;
// this.SetPageBorderVisibility(false);

MyPDFView constructor (part of the PDFView sample project -

Alternatively, if you are rpgramming using some other programming
language (e.g. Java or C/C++) you can call
PDFView.SetPageBorderVisibility(false) and
PDFView.SetBackgroundColor() to achieve the same effect.

Please let me know if this is the type of functionality that you are
looking for.

Regarding your second question, PDFNet is fully compatible with .NET
1.1, 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5.