How do I render a glyph from a given pdftron.PDF.Font?


I know there's this function Font::GetGlyphPath which gives me
operators and datapoints but how can I use those to create a bitmap?
In other words: how do I render the glyphpath to my DC?


There is no built-in method to generate a bitmap from a given PDF
charcode, however you can draw glyph outline in a memory bitmap (or
directly to your window DC).

You can obtain glyph outlines for a given charcode using
GetGlyphPath returns glyph outline as an array of path points. You can
read these data points similar to ProcessPath method in
ElementReaderAdv sample project (
samplecode.html#ElementReaderAdv). The only difference is that you
would draw glyph path in DC using GDI/GDI+, instead of using console