How do i save a pdf to a server instead of as a blob

im trying to test webviewer to see if it can work better than the control we are currently using, but i need it to be able to send the pdf to a server to save it instead of saving it as a blob. how can i do that in the js for the web viewer?

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I’d like to understand better what do you need. On your case, save the PDF file as a Blob is not an option?
Because once you have the PDF as a blob you can send that blob data to the server. For example jquery - How can javascript upload a blob? - Stack Overflow.


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i want to apply page manipulation in my web viewer
want to that pdf manipulation save as xml or blob
if blob wat to know blob code if xml want to know event to get its xml for react.js

Hello huzeifajahangir,

You can get the PDF as a blob by following this guide: Apryse Documentation | Documentation

Let me know if this works for you. If I misunderstood your question, please provide an example or extra details.

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