How do I select all the annotations inside a bounding box

Q: I want to select all the annotations that are inside a specified bounding box.

In PDFNet for Windows Store apps, the code would look something like this:

pdftron.PDF.Rect rect = // your rectangle in screen coordinates.
int pageNum = 1;

pdftron.PDF.Rect pageSpaceRect = ConvertFromScreenRectToPageRect(rect, pageNum ); // whichever page you’re looking at.

pdftron.PDF.Page page = mPDFView.GetDoc().GetPage(pageNum);

int annotNum = page.GetNumAnnots();
for (int i = 0; i < numAnnots; i++)
Annot annot = page.GetAnnot(i);
PDFRect annotRect = annot.GetRect();
if (annotRect.IntersectRect(pageSpaceRect, annotRect))
// add to your selection

pdftron.PDF.Rect ConvertFromScreenRectToPageRect(pdftron.PDF.Rect rect, int pageNum)
PDFDouble x1 = new PDFDouble(rect.x1);
PDFDouble y1 = new PDFDouble(rect.y1);
PDFDouble x2 = new PDFDouble(rect.x2);
PDFDouble y2 = new PDFDouble(rect.y2);

mPDFView.ConvScreenPtToPagePt(x1, y1, pageNum);
mPDFView.ConvScreenPtToPagePt(x2, y2, pageNum);

PDFRect retRect = new PDFRect(x1.Value, y1.Value, x2.Value, y2.Value);

return retRect;

Note that starting with Version 6.1 of PDFNet SDK, PDFViewCtrl (and PDFViewWPF) will have a function GetVisiblePages() which will return a (language appropriate) list of pages on screen. At that point, it will be fairly straight forward to look through all the pages on the screen to see if they have annotations inside the bounding box.
A: This can best be done by iterating through the annotations on a specific page and comparing their bounding boxes to your selection bounding box.