How do I shrink PDF file size using PDFNet SDK?

Q: We found that some of our PDF file sizes are quite large. The files
are scanned pages (many TIF images are embedded in PDF). I want to do
something to reduce the file size of the result PDFs.

From the PDFNet SDK, I figure some ideas on how to do this, would you

advise which one is more feasible?

1. Use PDFDraw.Export to PDF into image files at lower resoluations
(can it be done in jpg?) and then compose
the images into PDF again to archive a small file size?
2. Use the Compression features (JPEG2000, JBIG2, CCITT Fax, Flate/
PNG, JPEG/DCT, Crypt Filters),
For TIF-oriented PDF, which one is efficient?
3. PDF Optimizer Add-on, I am not sure this is a new function in
PDFNet SDK or an external command utility. Is it helpful in this

A: Probably the simplest option is to use
‘pdftron.PDF.Optimizer’ (i.e. the Optimizer Add-on) as shown in the
Optimizer sample:

Since you are dealing with raster only file you could also try to
render the pages using PDFDraw (with lower DPI) and import the
rendered files to a new PDF. I am not sure how this would work
compared to Optimizer, but you may loose bookmarks, links, metadata,
annotations – unless you make additional steps to preserve this info.