How do I use PDFDraw to get a WriteableBitmap in Windows Phone 8

Q: I want to use PDFDraw to create a WriteableBitmap from a Page in a PDFDoc. This function is available for Windows Store Apps. How can I use it in Windows Phone 8? It doesn’t show up in Intellisense when I am examining PDFDraw.

using pdftron.PDF.Controls.Extensions;

You should be able to use PDFDraw as follows:
PDFDraw draw = new PDFDraw();
WriteableBitmap bitmap = await draw.GetBitmapAsync(page);

Best Regards,
Tomas Hofmann
A: Using PDFDraw to create a WriteableBitmap requires the pdftron.PDF.Controls.Extensions namespace. That is, after importing pdftron.PDF.Controls.Extensions as follows: