How do we export XFDF of particular fields similar to annotations?

I need to generate XFDF of only text Fields. Is there a way to achieve this?

I’m using exportAnnotations function. Tried passing only textWidget Annotations in annotList but still it exports all the fields.

I’m referring this documentation to export annotations and fields

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Hi Laxman,

Unfortunately, when exporting with fields, all fields are exported. The field annotation shouldn’t affect the user in any way unless it has an associated WidgetAnnotaiton. So as long as you export the correct widgets it should have the same effect for the user.

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Ahmad Moaaz
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What is the solution here if you need to export XFDF for individual fields and save them to your DB? We are facing this issue right now and it is causing problems. Are we unable to save individual XFDF data for each form field that includes the field and all of its widget annotations? Do we have to save the entirety of the XFDF for all of the form fields and all their widget annotations?

That seems counter to all the documentation on Apryse for how to work w/ XFDF data. If you can’t export individual field data, a lot of the documentation about form fields needs to be updated. Thanks.

Hi Brent,

You can export specific widget annotations by passing them to our exportAnnotations API:
annotationManager.exportAnnotations({ annotList: [widgetAnnot], fields: true, widgets: true });

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Ahmad Moaaz
Software Developer