How I can add a signature on multiples signature fields

Product: Web-Viewer

Product Version: 8.10.0

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I need to add programmatically the same signature on multiple signature fields

Hi Ulises,

You can use the SignatureWidgetAnnotation.sign API to sign multiple signature widgets. Together with annotationManager.getAnnotationCopy you can use the same annotation to sign all the widgets.


const signatureAnnot = annotationManager.getAnnotationsList().filter(annot => annot instanceof Annotations.StampAnnotation || annot instanceof Annotations.FreeHandAnnotation)[0];
  .filter(annot => annot instanceof Annotations.SignatureWidgetAnnotation)
  .forEach(annot => {
    const annotCopy = annotationManager.getAnnotationCopy(signatureAnnot);

Replace signature annotation with the FreeHand/StampAnnotation from your code.

Best Regards,
Ahmad Moaaz
Software Developer
PDFTron Systems, Inc.