How mouse down event will occur when tool mode e_rect_text_select is sselected

i want to capture the mouse event means mouse co-ordinates to create
rectangle when selecting the text using e_rect_text_select tool.

please help me

The simplest approach would be to create a custom tool similar to
'link create' tool in PDFView C# sample (
samplecode.html#PDFView). In a PDFView derived class you would
override OnMouseMove, OnMouseDown, and other mouse events. In
OnMouseMove you could call SelectByRect() or SelectByStruct() methods
- which would select the text for you. You could also capture the
selection rectangle, text selection and text bounding boxes. All of
this information can be used to add extra info to the PDF document
(e.g. using ElementBuilder & ElementWriter) or to simply draw graphics
on top of the page without any changes to the underlying document.

I have the same problem and the solution works in cases where you need
MouseUp and MouseDown only.
How can I capture a MouseDoubleClick event in a non-e_custom mode?

I tried capturing 2 sequent MouseDown events, but windows is
generating a MouseDoubleClick (filtered out by the control) on the
second mouse click and the second MouseDown event is never send to the
controls and respectively OnMouseDown is not executed the second time.

Can you please help?

Using the current version of PDFNet (v.4.8 or higher) you should be
able to capture doubleclick events both in built-in and custom tool


I'm using PDFNet v. and can not capture MouseDoubleClick or
MouseClick event.

I've overridden the methods OnMouseClick(MouseEventArgs e) and
OnMouseDoubleClick(MouseEventArgs e). Tried to use tool mode e_pan and
e_custom. It's not working with either of them.

The events MouseDown, MouseUp and MouseMove work fine. Even tried to
add the MouseClick and MouseDoubleClick event to the sample code you
provide (PDFViewCS_2008), don't work.

Thanks for your help!

Assuming that you are developing under .NET and using PDFView sample
project, open 'MyPDFView.cs' and search for 'OnDoubleClick'. You will
find a sample override (which is commented out). Simply comment out
the code. Now when you double-click on the page you will get a message

The reason why the override does not work for you is because
OnMouseDoubleClick() takes EventArgs (not MouseEventArgs).

Works fine! Thanks!