How scalable is PDFNet?

1) How scalable is PDFNet for 1 CPU? Also, how many process can
use it to convert pdf files to images? If there is a limit, what will
pdfnet do, will hold the processes in a queue or will return an error.
2) If there is a limit, (lets say 10 processes MAX for 1 instance
of pdfnet running in 1 cpu). Then, if we use 2 instances in 2 cpu
(assuming we got them licensed) will the total double too to 20
A: You can use PDFNet SDK in multiple processes or multiple threads
running on the same CPU. The degree of scalability would depend of on
type of operations performed on PDF files, the nature of documents
processed, and your hardware specs.

Some operations such as rendering are more CPU and memory intensive
than other tasks, which may be bound to disk I/O performance. Small
files with very simple graphics are much faster to process than
complicated or big files. In general, the better hardware will result
in more efficient processing, however please keep in mind that the
improvement will not be as noticeable compared to distributed
processing on multiple servers. In most cases some experimentation is
required to find the optimal number of processes that can run on each
server - and this may need to be revised as your user's access/usage
patterns change.

There is no limit on the number of concurrent processes, however you
solution may run very slowly or you may run into memory allocation