How to add a multine form field without resizing font size?

Product: @pdftron/webviewer

Product Version: 7.3.3

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I’m using a multine form text field, but when we hit ENTER, the text tries to fit within the initial height and decreases size - although I can understand this behaviour, I think we should also have another instance where the text simply increases the height of the text area.

Is there any way I can achieve this?

In the next image, the first text is a normal input, with Multiline flag set to false. The second text is an input with Multiline flag set to true (I also tried setting DoNotScroll to see if it would help, but not really.

The code I’m using:

      const flags = new WidgetFlags();
      flags.set('Multiline', currentStep.userInputField.inputBehavior === 'allowMultiline');
      flags.set('DoNotScroll', currentStep.userInputField.inputBehavior === 'allowMultiline');

      // create a form field
      const fieldManager = annotManager.getFieldManager();
      const fieldId = `input-${signerId || '0'}-${currentInstructionIndex}-${currentStepIndex}`;
      const checkField = fieldManager.getField(fieldId);

      if (checkField === null) {
        console.log(`CREATING FIELD: ${fieldId}`)
        const field = new Annotations.Forms.Field(
          `input-${signerId || '0'}-${currentInstructionIndex}-${currentStepIndex}`,
            type: 'Tx',


Can you please help?

Thanks in advance,

Would you be able to try out the 8.2.0 version of WebViewer? If you want you can use this form build demo app here JavaScript PDF Viewer Form Builder Demo

Hi Sardor, thanks for the reply - I checked that demo, and I’ve created a Multiline field. The result was the following:


(notice the scrollbar) - This behaviour already exists in 7.x, if it’s a Multiline input, scrollable - I want to be able to go back to the PDF (in read-onlyl mode), and be able to read that section without having to scroll (entire text is visible straight away)

How can I achieve this?

Currently, if you create a multi-line input form and text overflows, it will show a scroll bar and it is the same behaviour in Adobe PDF Reader too. Input form widgets don’t automatically resize features according to PDF specifications. Currently, this feature is not available.