How to add color separation with PDFNet. PDFDoc?

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I need to add a new color separation with the name “White” and the value “#3cf”, But there is no direct official PDFNet.PDFDoc API to do it,is there any way to add it with PDFNet.PDFDoc API of javascript version?

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I got this error message while executing the javascript version of the above answer:“Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘length’)”,and a warning before the error:"[WARNING], the object was not found in the deallocation list. Deallocating may cause errors.",they were threw out by doc.createIndirectStream function.Btw the JS version of “createIndirectStream” function requires a second argument which type is “PDFNet.Filter”,I don’t know how to config it, here is the code:

async function createSpotColorSpace(doc) {
        let sep_cs = await doc.createIndirectArray();
        sep_cs.pushBackName("LogoGreen"); // The name of the colorant
        sep_cs.pushBackName("DeviceCMYK"); // Alternate color space
        let ps_funct = "{ dup 0.84 mul exch 0.00 exch dup 0.44 mul exch 0.21 mul }";
        let encoded = new TextEncoder().encode(ps_funct);
        let tint_funct = await doc.createIndirectStream(encoded, new PDFNet.Filter()); //[WARNING], the object was not found in the deallocation list. Deallocating may cause errors. Error:Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'length')
        tint_funct.putNumber("FunctionType", 4);
        let tint_domain = await tint_funct.putArray("Domain"); = tint_domain;
        tint_domain.pushBackNumber(0); // Gray
        tint_funct.put("Domain", tint_domain)
        let tint_range = await tint_funct.putArray("Range");
        tint_range.pushBackNumber(0); // C
        tint_range.pushBackNumber(0); // M
        tint_range.pushBackNumber(0); // Y
        tint_range.pushBackNumber(0); // K
        tint_funct.put("Range", tint_range);

        return new PDFNet.ColorSpace(sep_cs);