How to config IIS 7.0 with pdftron.PDF.Convert.ToXod() method


I have deployed converter service which used Web API 2.0 in local IIS 8.0. I have found that my application didn’t work when convert office files, but console application work fine in WebViewerConvertTest demo.

I have already read the article

Here are my environment configurations.

  • Win8 64 bit
  • IIS8
  • Web API 2.0
  • SATThread to handle convert method
    My IIS config:

Error Message:

I have no idea. Could you please help me?



Hello Richard,

It sounds like the error you forwarded (“Unable to evaluate expression because the code is optimized or a native frame…”) can sometime happen based on how one calls Request.Redirect:

If the above advice does not help, please forward a small, complete, and compiling code sample to so that we can debug the problem in-house and give more complete advice for addressing it. Thank you for your help.