How to convert MSWord documents to PDF?

Q: I have about 100 individual pages of separate MSWord documents. Can
you convert all of these into one PDF document or will they have to be
converted one by one and then combined into one PDF document? In any
case can you help me?
A: You can convert all 100 Word documents to a single PDFDoc. For

using (pdftron.PDF.PDFDoc pdfdoc = new PDFDoc()) {
   for (int i=0; i<100; ++i) {
     pdftron.PDF.Convert.ToPdf(pdfdoc, inputdoc[i]);
   pdfdoc.Save(outputPath + file.outputFile,

So each call ToPDF(file) will automatically convert and append the
input document to the given PDF document.
For more complete sample please take a look at Convert sample