how to copy font from existing font? and edit font name custom.

How to copy font from existing font?

pdftron.PDF.Font new_font = pdftron.PDF.Font.Create(PDFDoc, Font, char_set);

Could you please clarify what are your requirements? Thank you!

Usually you do not want to copy/clone the font. Instead you typically want to reuse the same across the entire document.

In any case you could potentially create a completely separate copy using the line below, but its likely not what you want to do.

My customer wants to find & copy the text from the attached pdf but the Font (ArialMT) in the PDF is not properly embedded or corrupted. Due to this we are not able to copy/find the text from the PDF. Please let me know, how to replace the char code of the problematic Glyph.

Sample Pages-003.pdf (176 KB)


We are planning on rolling out a tool to fix these documents, but it is not available just yet.

Unfortunately, at this time fixing this requires going back to the original program that generated the document. Changing char codes will cause the rendering to be incorrect, as the wrong glyph is picked. Instead the Unicode map of the font has to be repaired, and this is not trivial to do after the doc is generated.

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Dear Ryan,

Do you have any tentative date for the tool release? If possible, please share the beta version of the tool.

Dear Rayan,
We are waiting for your respond.

Hello, have you implemented the tool?

Hi, sorry this is still not available yet, but we hope soon. Thanks for your interest and patience!