How to create a button in top toolbar in mobile?

Hi PDFTron,
I wanna create a button on top toolbar in mobile. How to make it in React Native language?
Thank you!

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Thanks for contacting us. Could you give us a high level use case of what you’re trying to achieve here? What kind of buttons are you trying to add here and what functionality does it provide?


Hi Andrew,
I just wanna create a button next to vertical 3 dots icon. When click the button, the document will be saved on my server. I use React Native language.
Can you give me the solution how to make it?
Thank you!

Hi Iris,

Unfortunately this is not an option in our React Native library, however you can achieve this by editing the Android code in our library.
I have created a sample that shows you what files to edit the Android code in our library, please see sample here.
We also have a guide on how to customize the UI on an Android project here.

Please let us know if this works for you.