How to create a PDFDoc from an existing pdf?

Product: Webviewer

Product Version:10.8.0

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There is PDFNet.PDFDoc.createFromURL for a remote pdf
but what about a pdf that is passed to a .then callback from

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The goal is to take an existing document (pdf, xlsx, jpg, etc)
and programatically apply a link annotation.

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The issue is How do you do it?

I believe this guide on adding a link annotation programmatically is what you’re looking for

The question was How to create a PDFDoc object from an existing pdf file
or a Core.Document object.
I’m not loading it into the viewer.
I’m not trying to add a hyperlink to an existing annotation.

Hello alan,

Apologies I think the wrong guide was linked, I think he meant to link this guide: Lower-level-doc-create-pdf | Apryse Documentation

You can pass in a URL to the first parameter or a Core.Document object.

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