How to create italic version of the font?

Q: We use "CreateCIDTrueTypeFont (SDF::Doc& doc, const void* logfont,
bool embed=true, bool subset=true)" function for font creation. Some
font does not have file for italic and bold variant. How can we set
these PDFFonts to italic? Do we have to pass extra transformation to
the text matrix?

A: If the you don't have an italic version of the font, there are
several options. You could:

a) embed italic font from another font family that 'looks' similar.
b) add a skewing transformation to the text matrix (which would slant
the text by a given angle).
c) if you were dealing with simple fonts (which doesn't seem to be a
case) you could omit font embedding and let the PDF viewer find or
synthesize the missing font.