How to create PDF links that will always open in Acrobat/Reader?


While trying to create a link in a document to another PDF document,
it always opens seems to open in a web browser. Per specific
requirements, we are trying to have all links to PDF file open in
Acrobat/Reader. Is it possible to create a link that will always open
in Acrobat/Reader?

Yes, you can open all links in Acrobat/Reader instead of opening them
in a web browser.
Depending on how you are creating link annotations, GoToR actions,
file specifications, and your exact requirements there are several
options you may want to try:

- In Acrobat Internet Preferences (under Menu/Edit/Preferences) there
is a checkbox to 'open PDF in a browser'.
- If the files are documents on the local machine you can create
relative link using FileSpec::Create(path, false) instead or
- You can add 'NewWindow' flag in remote go-to action dictionary (e.g.
action.GetSDFObj().Put("NewWindow", Obj.CreateBool(false) ).
NewWindow flag specifies whether to open the destination document in a
new window. If this flag is false, the destination document replaces
the current document in the same window. If this entry is absent, the
viewer application should behave in accordance with the current user