How to disable right-clicking and keyboard shortcuts in PdfView


I'm trying to embed PdfView into a Winforms application in order to
provide a restricted viewer for some sensitive documents. I'm using
the samples provided as a basis, but the PdfView that is shown always
has the right-click features and keyboard shortcuts activated. I want
to disable all of this so my users won't be able to save copies of the
file from the viewer, won't be able to print them and won't be able to
copy-paste content either. I don't want to fiddle with basic pdf
security (anyway it doesn't prevent saving copies) since some of the
files i'm displaying are already encrypted.

Is there a simple way to do that, I can't seem to find any decent
example and the documentation is pretty confusing. While I'm at it, I
would also like to add a watermark, in case someone decides to take a
print screen.

Thank you!