How to disable scrolling in PDFView class?

I am not being able to turn off scrolling by dragging the
view area up\down. In standard view, this is a great feature. But I
implemented a mouse image\text capture (similar to Adobe Reader) in
viewer, and this is tricky to use because as the user selects the area
for capture, the viewer wants to scroll. So if there is no option to
turn that off, then a property for that down the road would be great.

You just need to set pan mode to false (view.SetPanMode(false)) as
illustrated in PDFView sample project. This will effectively prevent
propagation of mouse events to the base class.

You may also want to take at the following PDFViewLinkSample sample
project (
which illustrates how to implement additional PDF tools such as
ZoomToRect, link creation and navigation, etc. If you are testing this
sample, please make sure that you are working with the latest build of

This solved my outstanding issues. I had implemented the viewer
without creating a class that inherited from the viewer, so I never
saw the SetPanMode method (it's protected). I had also tried to place
my page update in the paint event, but it never fired. However,
overriding the OnPaint in the inherited class, took care of that as