How to disable status setting on annotation


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How to disable status setting on annotation

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I want to disable status setting on annotation.
(by the conditions)

Comments were made by disableReplyForAnnotations API.

I want to status version of disableReplyForAnnotations API.

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Hello okabe.yasufumi

You can disable “Status” button entirely by using following code sample:


You can also disable individual, several or all data-elements inside the “Status” popup, by using the code sample below:

instance.UI.disableElements(['notePopupStateAccepted', 'notePopupStateRejected']) 

For more information please refer to: Apryse Documentation | Documentation
Apryse WebViewer Namespace: UI

All the best,

Hello, Bojan

Thank you for your reply.
But what I want to know is how to programmatically control whether it is disabled or enabled.

Best Regard.

instance.UI.disableElements is all annotation disabled.

Some annotations I want to disabled, some annotations I want to enabled.

Hi okabe.yasufumi

I don’t think WV currently has API for that kind of behaviour. You may be able to do something with:




Depending on the comment selected you might be able to call enableElements API.
Otherway it might require some serious customizing of the UI, specifically here:

All the best,

Hi, Bojan.

I understand.

Thank you!