How to display a video file in a 'PDFTron' viewer?

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I would like to show/play a video with a thumbnail preview in a ‘PDFTron’ viewer
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I would like to show/play a video with a thumbnail preview in a ‘PDFTron’ viewer.

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Can you please clarify what framework you are using e.g. “Flutter” or “Xamarin”?

We are using native Android and IOS.

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Could you let us know if you are trying to play a video that is embedded in the document or are you trying to play an mp4 video with the document?
Would it be possible to get a sample file for reference?

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can we play mp4 video directly without embedded in the document ?


Unfortunately playing audio or video directly without a PDF document is not supported in our native mobile SDKs.


Is there any other way we can play a video using PDFTron other than native sdk?

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This is possible if you are using the PDFTron WebViewer Media Product.
Please see the demo here.