How to draw Redaction Annotations without applying redactions programatically in Python


I was able to find how to draw redaction annotations using javaScript -

const rectangleAnnot = new Annotations.RedactionAnnotation(boundingBox); annotationManager.addAnnotation(rectangleAnnot); annotationManager.redrawAnnotation(rectangleAnnot);

Can you provide the same for python3. (using Python 3.10.9)

PS. Currently, a lot of your documentation is in python version 2 and I am not able to find docs for python API just a few code snippets for different annotations, which are also not working for python3.


Hi Surya,

The redaction annotation is specifically for the WebViewer, which is a Javascript library and cannot be used with Python 3. If you are looking to do redaction using Python, please refer to the following sample:

All of our Core API samples can be found in all languages, including Python:

Can you please help me with drawing a redaction annotation using python code and saving it without applying redaction, as I want to apply the redaction to it manually after loading the doc in webviewer.

Hi Surya,

As I stated, the redaction annotation is specific to WebViewer, however if you wish to redact something using Python code, please view the following sample: