How to edit PDF page content?

Q: I have to modify the PDF document online. I want to preserve the
image of the pdf and make corrections in the text and keep it at the
back layer of a PDF document. Can I make this kind of modification
using PDFNet SDK?


PDFNet SDK can be used (among other things) to edit PDF documents as
well as to modify contents on existing pages. In particular, you can
preserve all images and element Z-order while replacing the text. A
good staring point for your project is ElementEdit sample project

In this sample, the program strips all images from the page and changes
text color to blue, however it should be trivial to change code to keep
all images but to replace text. Please keep in mind that although it is
possible to edit existing text runs, it is far simpler (due to text
encodings, missing glyphs, etc) to replace the old text runs with new
text elements (for sample of how to create new PDF content, please see
ElementBuilder sample project:

You can download PDFNet Reference Manual (in HTML and CHM) from
downloads page: Also you can
access the online version: