How to enable thumbRotateCounterClockwise button in thumbnails panel

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How to enable thumbRotateCounterClockwise button in thumbnails panel

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I would like to add a counter clockwise rotation button next to the clockwise rotation button in the panel thumbnail actions, here:

I know it is available in the 3 dot menu, but other than the rotations (clockwise and counterclockwise) we don’t need any other operations from the 3 dot menu, so we disabled the delete button and the 3 dot menu.

I tried to enable the feature like this, but it doesn’t work:


I’ve seen this discussion, but it’s probably for an older version of the WebViewer, because the thumbnailControlMenu doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

I know that it’s possible to have both the rotate clockwise and counter clockwise buttons in the thumbnail panel, because in this demo both buttons are there, as I would expect, but the only difference is that this demo uses the WebViewer server, but we don’t need that functionality.
We just need a simple client WebViewer with both the rotate clockwise and counter clockwise buttons.


Hello gabor,

The thumbnailControlMenu does exist but it’s actually in a newer version of WebViewer from the one you are using (8.6+). To you use it, you would have to upgrade your WebViewer version which will also give you access to our latest optimizations and new features.

See: Apryse Documentation | Documentation

I was able to add a rotate counterclockwise button to the thumbnailControlMenu this way:

      title: 'rotate counter clockwise',
      img: 'icon-header-page-manipulation-page-rotation-counterclockwise-line',
      onClick: (selectedPageNumbers) => {
      dataElement: 'rotateCounterClockwise',

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,

Carlo Mendoza
Web Developer