How to export xfdf widget on android/ios like webviewer

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I created some form fields, on Webviewer I export xfdf widget with core.exportAnnotations({ annotList, widgets: true, fields: false });. I receive a xfdf string containing <pdf-info ....><widget .../></pdf-info> (I need that for my logic). But on Android/iOS I cannot extract like that, when I export with annotList, I do not receive pdf-info and widget. There is any way to extract xfdf widget on Android/iOS?

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Hi there!

To help us get started, are you able to reproduce the issue(s) in one of the Apryse SDK sample projects (modifying as necessary)? If you could please provide the modified sample project that would be appreciated.

Hi @dluco,

This is a video to reproduce: [React-native-pdftron] export annotations - YouTube
This is a sample project: GitHub - hatn98/pdftron-demo at demo/export-annotations

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