How to filter annotation based on user and other field in web viewer

WebViewer Version: 8.0.1

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Suppose Two user’s are collbrating on one file and they have created some anotations or marked anything on the file. Now I want to filter the annotations of only one user and show it on the file when I click on filter button and select the user’s name . I want to show annotaions of only selected user by filtering out. How can I achieve this?

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Step1: I am attaching screenshot where I have two users with userName & and both of the user’s have created someannotation on the file

Step2: Now when I clicking on filter button and want to select comments by any one user and after selecting user and clicking apply button I want to show then anotations on the scrren that belongs to only selected users;

Step3: After clicking on apply the user’s name is filtering out correctly on right side of panel but on the file the annotaions are not able to filter based on the user…All the annotations on the screen by both the user’s are still visible…I want to show the anotation of only selected user on the screen. How can I achieve this?

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To achieve this you can listen to the Annotation filter changed event, get the filter information and filter the annotations you want to show. Then, you will hide all the other annotations that are not included on the list you want to show.

Below is a code snippet filtering the annotations by the selected authors, and you can make it with colors and types as well.

const { Annotations, documentViewer, annotationManager} = instance.Core;

  const UIEvents = instance.UI.Events;
  instance.UI.addEventListener(UIEvents.ANNOTATION_FILTER_CHANGED, e => {
     const { types, authors, colors } = e.detail;

        const annotsList = annotationManager.getAnnotationsList();
        // showing all annotations again because after a filter changing some of them might be hidden
        if (authors.length) {
            const annotsToHide = annotsList.filter(annotation => !authors.includes(annotation.Author))

I’m adding the used APIs documentations for reference.

Hope this helps.


Dandara Navarro
Web Software Developer
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