How to get bitmap or bytearray from digital signature

Product: Pdftron Android

Product Version: "com.pdftron:pdftron-standard:9.5.0

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how to get bitmap or bytearray from digital signature

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I have opened pdf document which has textwidgets and digital signature. I save all the pdf data in local DB. I use for loop to itreate over opened pdf doument …I get all the values from TextWidget but couldnt get bitmap or byteArray from digital signature

val signature= DigitalSignatureField(fieldType)
                            if (signature.hasVisibleAppearance()) {


how can i get bitmap or byte array from Digital signature field in android kotlin
in the above code i get the signature.hasVisibleAppearance() but i couldnt get bitmap or byte array

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Thanks for your patience, you can create a temporary page with your annotation and export that to an image using PDFDraw, which you can then translate back to a bitmap or byte array: