How to hide annotations styling and keep prefilled data

I’m having an issue with trying to print documents with pre-filled data in an annotation. I tried using some flags like e_hidden and e_ visible but it hides the content along with it. Should I customize the colors? Why is it coming in lime green? Is there a way to keep the content but hide the styling.

What application are you using for printing (unclear from your screenshot)?

Why is hiding annotation styling important for you?

Below is how I’m printing client side with JS. I merging several pdfs together server-side and barcoding with using PHP.

                        documentIds: JSON.stringify(selectedDocs)
                    function (response, xhr) {
                        var byteArray = new Uint8Array(atob("").map(function(c) {
                            return c.charCodeAt(0);
                        var blob = new Blob([byteArray], {type: 'application/pdf'});
                        var url = URL.createObjectURL(blob);

                        var iframe = document.createElement('iframe');
                        iframe.visibility = 'hidden';
                        iframe.onload = function() {
                            setTimeout(function() {
                            }, 1);
                        iframe.src = url;
                    function (response, xhr) {

I don’t want clients documents to have green on them when they print. When I use e_hidden it will hide every annotation including the prefilled information. Ideally I want to use something similar to the Webviewer which is $annotationManager.hideAnnotations();

Considering browser/printer support for annotations/form fields is not 100% it is normal practice to first flatten all annotations/form fields server side into the PDF.

This ensures 100% accuracy of printing.

I merging several pdfs together server-side and barcoding with using PHP.

It is unclear what tool you are using server side, but hopefull the tool provides an API to flatten all annotations and form fields.