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When i am creating new highlight annotation i dont have quads i have rect but not able to convert rect to quads so text is not highlighting

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Thank you for contacting us about WebViewer. Would it be possible to get a bit more information on what you are trying to do? How are you getting the “rect” data to create highlight annotations? Normally you can convert “rect” to “quad” by doing something like the following

  let newHighlight = new Annotations.TextHighlightAnnotation();

// "rect" would be the two corners of a rectangle
  let exampleRect = {
    x1: 104.08,
    x2: 264.29,
    y1: 390.94,
    y2: 436.82

  newHighlight.Author = annotationManager.getCurrentUser();
  newHighlight.PageNumber = 1;
  // highlight takes an array of "Quad" in case you are highlighting multiple lines
  // "Quad" take in X/Y pairs, so (x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3, x4, y4)
  newHighlight.Quads = [new Annotations.Quad(
    exampleRect.x1, exampleRect.y1,
    exampleRect.x2, exampleRect.y1, 
    exampleRect.x2, exampleRect.y2, 
    exampleRect.x1, exampleRect.y2
  newHighlight.StrokeColor = new Annotations.Color(0, 255, 255);


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