How to I export a PDF page to WPF FixedPage?


I need to export a PDF page to WPF FixedPage ( for further manipulation and printing.

How do I do this with PDFTron PDFNet?


If you want to print a PDF via Windows XPS Print Path (which is used under the hood in WPF / .NET), you can convert PDF to XPS using pdftron.PDF.Convert.ToPdf() and print the XPS via Microsoft XPS Print API (see option #4 in Also see

Alternatively if you just need to convert PDF page to WPF FixedPage export to XPS then use the following snippet to load FixedPage:

XpsDocument xps = new XpsDocument(FileName, FileAccess.Read);

FixedDocumentSequence seq = xps.GetFixedDocumentSequence();

foreach (DocumentReference r in seq.References) {

FixedDocument d = r.GetDocument(false);

foreach (PageContent pc in d.Pages) {

FixedPage fixedPage = pc.GetPageRoot(false); …