How to implement 'sarchable images' using PDFNet?

We need to implement the following functionality:

1. Produce PDF files from two sources:
      a) scanned images and
      b) text that we OCR-ed and/or entered off the scanned image and
we want to overlay on a searchable PDF output.
2. Read and merge existing searchable PDF files.
3. Allow bookmark creation and editing.

How to implement this fucntionality using PDFNet?

As a starting point you may want to take a look at the following

- AddImage sample project
( for example of
how to embed raster/scanned images in PDF.
- ElementBuilder sample project
( ElementBuilder) for
examples of how to add text and vector art to PDF.
- How do I create 'PDF Searchable
- PDFPage sample project for examples of how to split and merge PDF
documents (
- A short tutorial on how to split and merge PDF pages
- Bookmark sample project
( for an example of
how to create and edit PDF bookmarks.