How to insert a pdf vector image in to a pdf document page

In our application (MacOS) we use pdf for images. These are vector images so they draw nicely at different sizes and on different screen resolutions, instead of having to use multiple raster images to support non-retina and retina resolutions.

What I would like to do is insert the pdf image in to an existing pdf document page. One approach, in MacOS, is to rasterize the pdf image by loading in to an NSImage and then create a PDFNet PTImage element and write this in to the PDF document page. This works but I have lost the advantages of having a vector image, so the image does not look so good when zoomed or printed.

Is there a way of inserting the pdf image directly in to my document? Ideally I would also want to insert just one copy of the image and repeat it on different document pages.

An example image file is attached.


bookmark.pdf (4.16 KB)

You can use PDFNet’s Stamper tool to “stamp” one PDF page onto another. You can choose the size and position of the stamp. Stamper preserves vector/text content when making the stamp. You can see more from the sample code at (also included ready-to-run with PDFNet).