How to install PDFNetWrapper PHP for XAMPP?

How to install PDFNetWrapper PHP for Xampp

I have OS CentOS 7
I installed CMAKE 3.10.1

I tried installed PDFNetWrapper for PHP in XAMPP?

We do not provide pre-built PHP bindings, since there are too many incompatible PHP versions on the market.

If you follow these steps exactly, then you should get working PHP wrappers.

Note, if you are targeting PHP 5.x or 6.x, you should use SWIG 2.0.x version, and not a SWIG 3.x version.

If you need to target PHP 7, then you need to use SWIG 3.x, but there is currently issue with some PDFNet API calls not accepting optional parameters, in particular ToXod.

Either way, a good alternative, is to instead create a command line tool, using our pre-built Java wrappers (or one of our other pre-built wrappers), and simply use PHP shell execute to call the command line tool. This is a great option if you are only using a small set of our API for conversions, and you don’t plan on changing it often.