How to integrate ObjectiveC SDK in my current project

Product: PDFTRON

Hello team, currently I am working on macOS Project with Objective C.
I want to integrate SDK “PDFTron Systems Inc. | Documentation” In my project. But I am not able to use this. Can you help me in this problem?
Or is there any sample macOS project in which this SDK is already integrated? If yes, then can you provide me that base project?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Please download our ObjC SDK package

In there you will find /Lib/libPDFNetC.dylib for your ObjC interface.

In the SDK Samples folder you will find ObjC samples.

@Ryan can I use this SDK for the Swift macOS app?

Yes, our SDK will work with Swift on macOS.

Alternatively you could use our iOS SDK and utilize Catalyst.