How To make Sptamed text bold


Product Version:PDFTron.NetCore.Windows.x64(9.3.0)

I am using the following code to stamp the text on a pdf, it did work fine for me. The only thing is I want to make it bold. Can anyone please help me with this ?

string ProcedureVersion = "Revision 855(Copy1)(Copy1)(Copy1)(Copy1)(Copy1)(Copy1) (Copy 1)";

 myFont = Font.Create(pdfdoc, "Arial", ProcedureVersion);      
  element = eb.CreateTextBegin(myFont, font_sz);

eb.CreateUnicodeTextRun($"Some Text");


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PDF files do not have explicit setting for Bold. Instead, you need to actually select a Bold font face. Such as.

myFont = Font.Create(pdfdoc, "ArialBold", ProcedureVersion);