How to map PDFNet Permission Settings to Acrobat security dialogs?

I've noticed some inconsistencies in how the permissions settings flags
are handled between the SDK/CosEdit, Acrobat and Reader. If I specify
the values in the first two applications when the properties are
retrieved in their counterparts they don't always agree. This even
occurs sometimes between the two Adobe products.

According to the PDF spec, handling these settings is up to the
application so it appears in some cases that they are interpreted
logically rather than strictly. In other words, dependencies are
derived rather than assumed

How to map PDFNet Permission Settings to Acrobat Security GUI?
PDFNet should return the same permissions that are listed in PDF Spec
(TABLE 3.20 'User access permissions' on page 99). When checking
permissions you would need to take into account the revision of the
standard security handler as well as the fact that some permissions
override other permissions; e.g. bits 6,9,11 can override bit 4).

Also the mapping of these bit flags (low-level permissions) doesn't
directly map to Acrobat user interface (which is subject to change and
can differ from one version to another). Therefore if you would like to
mimic Acrobat security dialogs, you may need to do some testing (i.e.
'reverse engineering') in order to match low-level permission bits with
high-level GUI elements.