How to modify the date and time that appears under an annotation?

WebViewer Version: 8.2.0

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How do I programmatically change the date and time that appears under an annotation?

I would like to know how to the following specifically:

  1. set the date and time for an annotation to a specific time-zone
  2. set the date and time to another value entirely

Are these possible under my current webviewer version?

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You can use the setNoteDateFormat API on the UI to change the format: PDFTron WebViewer Namespace: UI.

If you want specific timezones, you will perhaps need a separate library or API to determine that before changing it on an annotation. To do that, you will have to change the DateCreated property on the annotation during annotationChanged: PDFTron WebViewer Class: AnnotationManager. DateModified might be another property you want to adjust as well.

Let me know if this helps!