How to obtain these link annotation properties?

Q: We are using PDFNET SDK in c# development enviornment.
Most of the properties we could able to get using sdk.
Some of the properties of Links annotations that we are not sute how
to get which are listed below.

1) Title (annot title)
2) Destination File
3) Link Text Color
4) Link Visibility
5) Highlight
6) Link Color
7) Link Style
8) Link Width
9) Multi-Action (Yes/No)

A: Using PDFNet SDK you should be able to obtain all information that
is available in the PDF document.

1) Title (annot title)

You can obtain link title/contents as follows:

Obj* obj = annot.GetTextContents();

To extract 'PDF Text' strings (section 3.8.1 'Text Strings' in PDF
Reference) you need to use obj.GetBuffer() and then check the first two
bytes for 0xFE,0xFF identifier. If the buffer starts with 0xFE,0xFF you
can directly convert subsequent bytes to Unicode. For example, the
buffer (obtained using Obj.GetBuffer()) containing following data

0xFE, 0xFF, 0, 'H', 0, 'e', 0, 'l' 0, 'l', 0, 'o', 0, '!'

can be converted to "Hello!" Unicode string, by discarding the two byte
header (0xFE, 0xFF) and converting the rest of the buffer to Unicode
(e.g. using System.Text.UnicodeEncoding.GetString(obj.GetBuffer(), 2,
obj.Size()-2) method).

If the buffer does not start with 0xFE,0xFF you can use obj.GetStr() to
obtain the ASCII string.

2) Destination File

This should be similar to bookmarks.
The code may be along the following lines:

Action action = link.GetLinkAction();
Destination dest = action.GetDest();
// Get the file specification dict
Obj file_dict = action.GetSDFObj().Get("F").Value();
FileSpec file_spec = new FileSpec(file_dict); String file_path =

3) Link Text Color

Link text is actually part of the PDF page content and the color is
specified as part of the content stream. So, link text color is not
part of the link annotation object.

4) Link Visibility

Use annot.GetFlag(Annot.Flag....);

5) Highlight

Could you clarify this property?
It is possible to access alternate appearance streams (for rollover and
other events) using annot.GetAppearance() method.

6) Link Color

Use annot.GetColor(); This method returns a color point in RGB color
space representing the border or background icon color for this
annotation. RGB components are three numbers in the range 0.0 to 1.0.

7) Link Style

Use link.GetBorderStyle()

8) Link Width

Use link.GetBorderStyle().width

9) Multi-Action (Yes/No)

You can obtain additional-actions dictionary as follows:

Obj link_dict = link.GetSDFObj();
Obj additional_actions_dict = link_dict.FindObj("AA");
if (additional_actions_dict)