How to prevent Acrobat Reader from displaying "Save a local copy button in the toolbar?


Is there a possibility to save PDF document security settings, so that
the document cannot be saved from Acrobat Reader? I mean, when you
open a pdf doc from web location, it usually opens up in Acrobat
Reader embedded in web browser, and there is a big "Save a local copy"
button in the toolbar.

Do you know any possibility how to prevent this button to be there ?

Setting e_doc_modify to false will disable "Save a local copy" button
in the Acrobat toolbar.

For example:

StdSecurityHandler new_handler = new StdSecurityHandler();

// Set a new password required to open a document
string my_password = "test";
// or new_handler.ChangeMasterPassword(new

// Set Permissions ...


Q: Your recommendation only disables ‘Save As’ button in Acrobat Pro.
Are there any other ways to disable ‘Save a local copy’ in Acrobat
Reader Plug-in


Correct. Setting “e_doc_modify” to false will only prevent modifying
‘i.e. Save As’ option in Acrobat Professional. There is no simple
solution to prevent the user from saving local copies of PDF.

You could try to add a JavaScript action (pdfdoc.SetOpenAction() in
PDFNet) that will disable toolbars and menus in Acrobat Reader or
Acrobat browser plug-in, however a knowledgeable user will find a way
around these obstacles.

The JavaScript may look along the following lines:“pdfdoc.html”, “main” , [“Top=50”, “right=170” ,
“Toolbar=no”, “Location=0” , “Menubar=no” , width=“700” ,
“height=600”, “resizable=yes”, “scrollbars=no”, “status=no”])

Another option is to implement a custom security handler that will
allow custom control over PDF security (such as what, who, when …
can use, view, print, save… the document). The downside of this
approach is that your users would need to install a special Acrobat
plug-in (since basic Acrobat would not be able to open this type of
files). Alternatively you can implement a custom PDF viewer using
PDFNet (see PDFView sample:
that would be able to handle your proprietary PDF documents.