How to re-create stamps from another PDF?


I am trying to re-create customized stamps, available from the Acrobat
7.0 default location
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Acrobat\plug_ins\Annotations\Stamps
\ENU\SignHere.pdf. However, as a client's requiremet and security
issues, we cannot deploy this customised signhere.pdf to all PCs
Acrobat's default location and the file has to be kept on the server.
Therefore, I need to re-create the stamps from a different location on
the server. I using the following approach

Open the pdf to display
    get the annotations associated with this pdf from database
    recreate the annotations through switch

   if its a stamp annotation then
       Open the pdf (customized signhere pdf)
           iterate through all pages
              get number of annotation for each page
                 iterate through all annotation on that page
                     get that annoation
                     get its appearance stream
                     apply the appearance stream to the annotation on
a different pdf

However, since i am trying to apply the appearance to another pdf i
get an exception that objects cannot belong to different
documnet.Detail exception is given at the end.

Here is the sample code which i am using at the minute

//open the pdf to display
PDFDoc doc = new PDFDoc(reviewFileBuffer, reviewFileBuffer.Length);
pdftron.PDF.Page page = doc.PageBegin().Current();

Obj annots = page.GetAnnots();
            if (annots == null)
                // If there are no annotations, create a new
                // array for the page.
                annots = Obj.CreateArray();
                page.GetSDFObj().Put("Annots", annots);

AnnotationType annotationType =
(AnnotationType)Enum.Parse(typeof(AnnotationType), type);
//get the annotation type from the object and add it to the current
switch (annotationType)
    case AnnotationType.Text: ...//for type text
    case AnnotationType.Stamp:

     Obj stamp_annot = doc.CreateIndirectDict();
        if (type!=null)
  stamp_annot.Put("Subtype", Obj.CreateName(type));
  if (rect != null)
pdftron.PDF.Rect.CreateSDFRect( rect.x1,rect.y1 ,rect.x2 ,rect.y2 ));
  ... //for other annotation attributes...
                if (ap != null) {
    //for normal stamps
    if (ap.ToString().StartsWith("#"))
                     stamp_annot.Put("Name", Obj.CreateString(ap));
    //its a customised stamps, we need to get the stamp appearance from
a document available on server and not from Acrobat default location
            //open a new pdf available on server
      pdftron.PDF.PDFDoc sign_here_doc = new PDFDoc("C:\\SignHere.pdf");
      //page iterator
      pdftron.PDF.PageIterator itr;

      //loop through all pages for customised stamps
            for (itr = sign_here_doc.PageBegin(); itr !=
sign_here_doc.PageEnd(); itr.Next()) {
        //get the current page
                          Page stamp_page = itr.Current();
        //get number of anots on this page
                          int num_of_annots =
                          //loop through number of annots, in most
cases it would be 1
                            for (int index = 0; index < num_of_annots;
index++) {
        //get the stamp at specied index
                                Annot sign_here_stamp =
        //get the widgetfiled
                          Field field =
        //get the field name for comparison
                     string fieldName = field.GetName();
         //get the stamp appearance
                     Obj appearance = sign_here_stamp.GetAppearance();

         //compare the fieldname...just for testing purpose

           if (fieldName == "Approved")
appearance); //exception happens at this point.


pdftron.Common.PDFNetException was caught
Message="Exception: \n\t Message: Objects cannot belong to different
StackTrace: at pdftron.SDF.Obj.Put(String key, Obj value)

The code works fine if replace everything in else {} with
stamp_annot.Put("Name", Obj.CreateString(ap)); and add the customized
signhere.pdf to default acrobat location.

I would really appriate any sort of help, pointers, tips or way round
it as the project is due soon and this functionality is at the heart
of it.


pdftron.Common.PDFNetException was caught
Message="Exception: \n\t Message: Objects cannot belong to different

To go around this you need to copy this SDF/Cos object from the
destination to the target document. You could do this as follows:

Obj imported_appearance =
target_pdfdoc.GetSDFDoc().ImportObj(appearance, true);
// Use the appearance in the target_pdfdoc...
stamp_annot.Put("Name", imported_appearance);


Thanks! Now I am not getting the exception that object belong to
different documents.

I can now import all the stamps, but they are not scaled properly
(relative to the target document). Is it possible to scale the
imported stamp?

Would you mind having a look to our pdf and to screen shots and advise
us how to proceed further.

I hope you figured out how to scale the imported appearance. In case
you didn't you could simply add Matrix entry in the imported
appearance stream. For example:

Obj* mtx = Obj.CreateArray();
imported_appearance.Put("Matrix", mtx);