How to reduce the file size of the merged PDF document?

I wrote a quick application to extract pages from 1 pdf file and create
new pdf files with the extracted pages. If I do a simple 13 page
extraction from the original PDF using Acrobat 5.05 the file size is
67K. Using the API the file size is 200K. This is a
substantial size difference. Is there a way to compress the size down
to be comparable to the size that Acrobat 5.05 produces?


How do you copy pages from one document to another?
To keep the file size low, you need to use pdfdoc.ImportPages() before
placing the pages using pdfdoc.PagePushBack() etc.

For more information please see the following resources:

- Copying/Merging Pages:
- How do I reduce the file size of a merged PDF document?:
- The last code sample in PDFPage sample project:

Also make sure to specify SDF.Doc.SaveOptions.e_remove_unused or
SDF.Doc.SaveOptions.e_linearized as a hint to Save method. For example:

new_doc.Save("c:/out.pdf", SDF.Doc.SaveOptions.e_remove_unused);

Thank you so much for the assistance. I tried to search the user
manual, API reference and FAQs but I completely missed this
ImportPages step. I implemented this and it made a huge difference.
My file is now 63K as opposed to 576K.

As it stands at this time I think the API tools are very powerful and easy
to use and I will be making a recommendation to my company that
we proceed with purchasing a licensed copy of the PDFNET tool.