How to refresh the UI in pdfwebviewer by using pdftron inbuilt methods?

I have imported some annotations in pdfwebviewer using xfdf. If we adding new annotations its importing properly, But we want to delete existing annotations with xfdf , the annotationManager.importAnnotations(xfdf) not working. once we reload the page then it is deleting, So I want to refresh the UI of webviewer using inbuilt methods.

So, can anyone help me with this?


Thank you for contacting WebViewer support.
I’d like to make sure I understood the steps you are taking:

1- Import annotations from an XFDF;
2- Add more annotations by importing XFDF again;
3- Try to delete the first added annotations;

And on this third step, are you not able to delete the annotations? Only after reloading the page? Are these the correct steps to reproduce the issue? Can you share the code you are using for this? Which version of WebViewer you are using?

We appreciate all information you can give us so we can help you better on this.

Best regards,
Dandara Navarro