How to remove watermark when using the DocPub cli

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How to remove watermark when converting documents with docpub cli

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We’ve recently purchased our license, which was provided to us as a .txt document.
We’d like to use the docpub cli to convert/optimise a bunch of documents prior to use, but when using the tool an additional watermark is added to the docs.

The docpub usermanual has instructions for registering docpub on our own servers, which we have no need to do at this stage, since we only want to optimise a handful of existing documents as a one-off. It suggests that to register the command line tool we just need to copy our license into the docpub folder, but this doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Any further info greatly appreciated, thanks.


To remove the watermark from the conversions, you will need to pass the license key as one of the arguments.

For example, see the command below:

./docpub -f xod -o test_out "PDFTron DocPub User Manual.pdf" --lic_key "<PDFNET_LICENSE_KEY>"

Where <PDFNET_LICENSE_KEY> was the key that was provided to you by the licensing team in the .txt document.

Please see the documentation below for more examples:

Great, will give that a go!

The v1.1 user manual included in the docpub download doesn’t have that info - dunno if it’s out of date, or whether I was misreading it